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MTB excursion - Nebrodi Ridge


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The Dorsale dei Nebrodi is the most spectacular and adventurous route in Sicily.

  • Destination: Sicily
  • Rate Description: Rate per person
  • Number of days: 2 nights - 3 days
  • Departure month: September 2023
  • Departure from: Patti
  • Arrival at: Patti
  • Departure date: 23/09/2023
  • Date of arrival: 25/09/2023

The Dorsale dei Nebrodi is the most spectacular and adventurous route in Sicily.
A crossing inside the Nebrodi Park near the mountain ridge of Sicily's largest protected area, along the Sicilian Apennines. There is an extraordinary variety of environments, landscapes, flora and fauna to be observed along the route: majestic and dense woods (beech forests of Pizzo Fau, Mangalaviti, Serra del Re), botanical rarities (Tassita forest), wetlands of great interest and charm (Maulazzo, Biviere, Cartolari, Trearie), spectacular viewpoints (some of the most beautiful: P.lla Pomiere, Monte Pelato, P.lla Biviere, P.lla Testa).
The route is divided into three stages, totalling approximately 325 km of asphalt and dirt road.

Day 1: distance travelled 125 km
Departure from Patti in the direction of Mistretta all on asphalt - Stop in Mistretta for lunch, which will be charged to participants. From here we take the route that begins at Serro Merio, along the SS 117, we turn left and quickly reach Urio Quattrocchi, a very small circular lake, very pleasant to visit. After passing the Urio, continue in the direction of Case Pomiere, where there is a large drinking trough. This last stretch enters a dense beech forest. Leaving the forest, we cross an uncovered area and arrive at Case Mascellino where we cross a track heading towards Contrada Moglia where there is the Tassita forest. Finally, we head towards a rich fountain at Portella dell'Obolo on the municipal boundary of Caronia-Capizzi. - Continue on to Capizzi. Overnight stay.

Day 2: distance travelled 104 km
Breakfast and departure from Capizzi - Leaving Portella dell'Obolo, we descend following the SP 168, arriving near Sorgente Nocita, a large equipped area, we continue to follow the trazzera until we reach Caserma Mafauda. From there, we begin to climb up to Portella Calcare and then go downhill. The ascent to Monte Pelato is one of the most suggestive stretches, because from the summit of the mountain there is a splendid panorama of Etna. Having left Monte Pelato, we enter the increasingly dense beech forest. After the descent, we reach Portella del Ceramese, cross the Fontana Mucciata district, and when we reach Portella Miraglia, we cross the state road that leads to Rifugio Miraglia and Portella Femmina Morta. From Floresta, the entrance to the reserve at the foot of Monte Rosso, in the Argimusco district, is reached on an asphalt road. We continue until we reach the parking area where the asphalt road ends abruptly. After a couple of kilometres, we skirt the La Cerreta forest area, which is fenced off and closed to the public, and continue downhill to the wind farm. From here, the dirt road, with a series of hairpin bends and a final steep descent, will reach the SS 115 about 200 metres from Portella Mandrazzi. We will continue on to Novara di Sicilia where we will end the day. Overnight stay.

Day 3: distance travelled 95 km
Breakfast and departure from Novara di Sicilia we ascend to Portella Mandrazzi where we take the dirt road that begins the Dorsale dei Peloritani, known in the past as a military road. The most widespread vegetation is the typical flora of the Mediterranean maquis. There is a succession of peaks, ridges, ravines, deep and inaccessible gorges into which the innumerable watercourses plunge on the two sides, opening into wide torrents downstream. Although it is not a very popular itinerary, it recalls the charm of the Peruvian Andes and the Alps. Walking with a view of Etna, the panorama also overlooks the Tyrrhenian slope. The Dorsale winds along the perimeter of the lush Bosco San Ferdinando and Pizzo Cipolla, where the view sweeps over the entire Peloritani mountain chain with the highest peaks: Rocca Salvatesta and Pizzo di Vernà and Montagna Grande. We continue inside a grove of pine trees to reach the equipped area of Posto Leone. Inside there is an artificial lake, a water source and picnic tables. From here we descend into the forest area to reach the Mela torrent, following it along its bank until we cross the state road back to Patti.
End of adventure!!!

Recommended bike: MTB or Gravel
Difficulty: Challenging. Necessary and/or recommended equipment: inner tube, false chain link, cable ties, spare cable (for gearbox), windbreaker, dried fruit and hats.

- N.1 overnight stay in B&B in Capizzi.
- Accommodation in multiple rooms with breakfast included.
- N.1 overnight stay in B&B in Novara di Sicilia.
- Accommodation in multiple rooms with breakfast included.
- Jeep assistance for luggage transport and bike transport for any damage that cannot be repaired during the route.

- Drinks, snacks, lunches and/or dinners unless otherwise indicated in 'the fee includes'.
- Any services not specifically listed under 'the fee includes'.
- Hotel local tax.
- Sport Plus Insurance € 24.00 p.p.

Registration no later than 7 September 2023, deposit required € 50.00 per person, balance by 18 September.

Nothing has been blocked quotas and availability to be verified at the time of joining.

Individual participation fee for Ora Pedala 2023 members € 105.00


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