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Madonie Road Trip


Places available:

Discovering the most beautiful villages of the Madonie, exploring every precious glimpse of them. Unique experiences of the typical places and traditions of the area.

  • Destination: Sicily
  • Rate description: Rate per room
  • Number of days: 2 nights - 3 days
  • Departure month: August 2024


Day 1 (Castelbuono and Geraci Siculo)
The tour will start in the morning from the village of Castelbuono with the 'Manna Experience', the white gold of the Madonie. This is the crystallised, sugary sap that is extracted in the spring season from the Ash tree, now a Slow Food Presidium. The excursion on foot with an environmental excursion guide, is intended to introduce the explorer to the scenic beauty of the Madonie Park, with particular reference to the Manna and the butterflies present along the path between Castelbuono and Pollina, where there will be a meeting with an expert, who will recount the culinary and cosmetic uses, making the explorer taste the delicacies and prepare a customised face cream.
Lunch organised at the Museum-Trattoria 'Il Rifugio dell'Aquila' in Geraci Siculo. The restaurant offers excellent typical cuisine with specialities based on 0 km products and ancient local recipes. You are immersed in the Madonie Park, in a medieval high mountain village rich in history and culture, enjoying a breathtaking panorama.
In the afternoon we continue with a visit to Geraci Siculo. The village is perched on the rocky back of a hill and has an urbanistic structure of narrow, winding streets, alleys, and courtyards, where the medieval imprint is still evident. Here, in addition to the cultural wonders offered by the village, you can visit the Salto dei Ventimiglia, a panoramic overlook over the eastern valley of the town, whose vast horizon reaches as far as the slopes of Mount Etna. Entering the downhill streets of the village, starting from the central square, one finds, immediately after the Benedictine nuns' convent, a steel and glass walkway about three metres high. The glass allows the visitor to metaphorically relive Count Ventimiglia's leap into the void. For those who do not suffer from vertigo and for lovers of breathtaking views, it is recommended to try the invisible footbridge over the cliff and, of course, to take a photo immersed in the void!
Geraci is also the starting point of the Gaginian itinerary, a route that brings together works of art by the Gagini family, those considered among the most representative, in four municipalities: Geraci Siculo, Gangi, Petralia Soprana and Petralia Sottana. The Gaginis, Antonello and Gian Domenico, were artists, architects, painters and, above all, sculptors, who moved from Bissone on Lake Lugano to Genoa in the 15th century, later splitting into two separate branches: the first branch was active in northern Italy, France and Spain, while the second, from the second half of the 15th century, was very present in Sicily and Calabria.
The first stop on this itinerary will be the marble Cona (15th century Antonello Gagini) of the Church of S. Bartolomeo in Geraci Siculo. In the churches of the four municipalities there will be panels containing information on the works present, but also on all the others of the entire itinerary.
In the evening, transfer to the hotel in Petralia Soprana, free dinner for participants and overnight stay.

Day II (Petralia Soprana and Petralia Sottana)
After breakfast at the hotel, the day will begin with a visit to the three belvederes: the Loreto belvedere that includes in its view Etna and, clockwise, Enna, Caltanissetta and the valley of the Imera river; the Carmine belvedere that offers a panorama of western Sicily towards Palermo; and the Piazza Duomo belvedere that turns east towards Gangi, embracing Etna in the background. Opening up in the highest part of the village, seat of the Sican and then Roman fortifications, is Piazza Loreto, an original architectural space over which the symmetrical façade and the majolica spires of the Church of Santa Maria di Loreto protrude, inside which stands the splendid Cona Marmorea attributed to Giandomenico Gagini in the 16th century (Gaginian itinerary) depicting four episodes from the life of Jesus.
Afterwards, you will move to the Madonie Adventure Park, a modern, eco-sustainable amusement park where you can spend time among the many outdoor activities. Here you will be expected for lunch at the park's restaurant and to try archery at a shooting area dedicated to those approaching this discipline for the first time, an archery baptism that will involve you from the very first shot.
Next, you will move to Petralia Sottana, in the heart of the central massif of the Madonie Park in a privileged territorial and landscape position. Here the houses cling to a rocky spur, while the complex of urban elements branch off to provide infinite panoramic and landscape viewpoints that emphasise the compactness and homogeneity of the urban structure.
This is the last stop on the Gagini itinerary with a visit to the marble Retablo (16th century Gian Domenico Gagini) in the Church of the Holy Trinity at La Badia. In the evening, return to the hotel in Petralia Soprana for an overnight stay.

Day 3 (Madonie Park and Castelbuono)
After breakfast at the hotel, the tour will continue to discover the heart of the Madonie Park, a mountainous region located about 70 km east of Palermo and a stone's throw from the Tyrrhenian coast. The main massif, Carbonara (1979 metres), is the second highest mountain in Sicily after Mount Etna. It is a place of great interest in terms of biodiversity and geology. However, one does not need to be an expert to appreciate the beauty of the Madonie: its breathtaking landscapes, its fascinating flowers, its delicate butterflies, its monumental trees, its picturesque villages and the hospitality of its people are capable of captivating anyone.
For lunch, you will be expected at Rifugio Marini di Piano Battaglia, in the heart of the Madonie massif, between the Pizzo Carbonara and Monte Mufara mountain complex, in a landscape and environmental context of high value.
In the afternoon, the tour will conclude by returning to and visiting the village of Castelbuono, located on the slopes of the "Colle Milocca", in the Madonie valley, and set in the scenery of the Pollina, San Mauro, Geraci, Gibilmanna, and Isnello mountains, amidst numerous forests of oak, chestnut, cherry, and ash trees. The historical centre still preserves buildings from an ancient past that rise up among the narrow streets of this authentic village. Strolling through the narrow streets and alleyways of this charming Sicilian village, ask an old man what you can visit, amidst cautions and anecdotes, he will certainly point out the most significant monuments, but certainly not the only ones, which are: the Ventimiglia Castle and the Matrice Vecchia, the Church of SS. Maria Assunta.

The fee includes:
- "Manna Experience" lasting about 2 hours in Castelbuono (PA), which includes a guided tour and Manna extraction techniques.
- N.1 Typical lunch at the Museum-Trattoria Il Rifugio dell'Aquila in Castelbuono (PA) with drinks included.
- N.2 overnight stays at the Hotel Residenza Petra in Petralia Soprana (PA)
- Accommodation in a double room including breakfast
- N.1 Lunch at the Adventure Park refreshment point in Petralia Sottana (PA) with beverage of your choice.
- Entrance reservation Adventure Park in Petralia Sottana (PA)
- Archery activities 3 sets of 6 arrows at the Adventure Park
- N.1 Typical lunch at Rifugio Marini in Piano Battaglia di Petralia Sottana (PA)
- Recommended itinerary with all the places mentioned to visit
- Medical/luggage insurance for each participant valid throughout the Schenghen area.
- VAT, taxes and service charges.

The fee does not include:
- Car rental at one of the Sicilian airports
- Meals and drinks not mentioned
- Everything not expressly indicated under 'the fee includes'.
- Tips and porterage
- Tourist tax

- Third bed supplement € 30.00 per person per night
- Fourth bed supplement € 35.00 per person per night

Methods of payment:
 Down payment of 30% on booking.
 Balance within 30 days of departure.

 In case of a global cancellation made from 29 days before arrival until 11 days before arrival, a cancellation fee of 40% of the total amount will be charged.
 In the event of a global cancellation from 10 days prior to arrival, and in the event of a No Show, a cancellation fee of 100% of the total amount will be charged.

No services covered by this quotation have been opted for or booked.
All services are subject to reconfirmation based on actual availability at the time of booking.



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